Join our Chorus

How to Join

There are no qualifications for joining our chorus except commitment. We are open to anyone with a desire to sing, even if you think you can’t. There is no audition. Just show up to rehearsal and you’re in. If you’re a beginner and need help, we may partner you with a more experienced member until you get the hang of it. And, we provide rehearsal MP3 files each season of the entire program with your part sung by a professional which will make it much easier for you to learn your music. 

We rehearse every Monday 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM, at the Church of the Holy Apostles, 296 9th Avenue (at 28th Street) from September to December for the Winter concert and January to June for the Spring concert with time off for holidays. We ask you not to miss more than three rehearsals in any one concert season. There are two dress rehearsals the week before the concert which are mandatory. 

Please be sure to check our rehearsal page before you come!

Member Contributions

We request a $12 contribution per rehearsal. However, this is not mandatory and we are happy to accept whatever you can afford, or nothing at all. We want everyone to be able to sing. If you wish to contribute, you may make a contribution with a tax deductible check, PayPal, or Venmo payment.

We ask everyone to use our rehearsal MP3 files to practice between rehearsals and to contribute $20 to cover the production costs.  There is also a $20 charge for all the sheet music that we use during rehearsals.  However, because we want everyone to participate, the MP3 files and sheet music are free for those who cannot afford to purchase them.